ACCORD – Action for Community Organisation, Rehabilitation and Development, along with Adivasi Munnetra Sangam, works with the four major tribal groups of Gudalur in their efforts towards social justice and self reliance.


AMS – Adivasi Munnetra Sangam is an association of village sangams that represent the nearly 20, 000 strong Adivasi population of Gudalur from the four tribes – Mullakurumbas, Betakurumbas, Kattunaickens and Paniyas.

Stories of Change


Adivasi Kaapi Society
Every morning, as you sit down to your leisurely perusal of the day’s news, a steaming cup of coffee in
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Gardening their way to Good Health
Adivasi communities traditionally depended on the forest for all their nutritional needs. They subsisted mainly on fruits, vegetables, tubers, fish,
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Kottaimeedu – Between Two Worlds Part 2
ACCORD has believed in the power of, nay the right of, people to decide their future for themselves and even
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Kottaimedu – Between Two Worlds…
Readers please note – This article is part of a series that chronicles the journey of Kottaimedu, a Kattunaicken village
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